The data burden on project teams has never been greater

Increased investment pressure to decarbonise

Increased cost of errors

Increased admin & reporting pressures


new regulations mean embodied carbon is being targeted


spent on inaccuracies in the supply chain

80% time

unnecessarily wasted on administrative tasks

Positively impacting the industry

Deployed on

£ 0 bn
construction projects
accross the UK


material and waste movements

Carbon emission

0 kg

In savings

0 k/yr
per project

Qflow advantages

We're on a mission

For data driven sustainable construction. Enabling responsible, resource efficient construction; cutting waste and carbon.
Easy tracking and auditing

Qflow automates on site data capture and auditing, feeding it into your existing tools

Making data valuable

Alerts, insight reports and design verification help you to cut carbon, waste & deliver quality

See how Qflow works

Enabling you to display the data you want, they way you want it.


Integrating with other software for a seamless experience within one application


Single application used on site


Automate data collection for delivered goods and waste movements, provide data insights

Reporting Power BI etc

Single application used on site


Quality assurance

  • 20,000+ risks highlighted so far.
  • Data quality improved by 238% .
  • Reducing the risk of a single dispute in the supply chain could save $37.8M.


  • 85% time reduction spent on reporting.
  • Data quality improved by 238%.


  • Quick wins, such as 400,760 kg CO2e saving opportunities.
  • By 2030, this could amount to a $320,000 savings opportunity, with rising prices for carbon offsets.

Use cases explored so far

Sustainability and environment team

Qflow data helps you calculate, report and identify opportunities across your supply chain to eliminate carbon emissions.

Quality and reporting

Keep on top of quality & compliance checks & feed data directly into your reporting tool such as Power BI or SmartWaste.


Qflow goods received data can be compared with invoices in your accounting tools e.g SAP or COINS.


Qflow's proactive audit highlights supply chain risks and visualises peaks and troughs.

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