ESG reporting high on your agenda?

Achieve supplier transparency and streamline your ESG reporting with material and waste data independently captured & audited on site.

Streamline your supply chain data with Qflow smart capture

Collecting GRNs from your diverse supply chain can be a real challenge. Qflow allows your team to capture GRNs at the gate of your site via a simple photograph, ensuring you get the full picture without having to chase a single supplier or subcontractor. Qflow integrates with existing site apps so your site team don’t even need to know Qflow is there.

Transparency and accountability across the supply chain with Qflow Smart Capture and Live Audits

By collecting this data at the construction site, Qflow reduces the risk of information going missing, or errors going unchecked. With so much change and pressure on the material supply chain, our clients are using this data to help manage this change, and have open and objective conversations with their supply chain, working together to deliver the project on time and on budget.

Portfolio wide data empowering business decisions with Qflow Insights

With consistent and complete data across your portfolio, it is simple to see which sites really shine, and which need a little more support.

Comparing similar projects across your portfolio can help validate and evidence where your investments in new methods or new suppliers are making a difference.

Find out how Landsec uses Qflow to save costs and carbon

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