Qflow integrates with trusted construction applications

Seamless integrations so you can work efficiently and focus on the work that matters.

Streamline data capture

Qflow integrates with your existing site apps to streamline data and ensure it’s not ‘just another app’ on site.

Automate reporting

Save time and reduce errors by automatically feeding data into your reporting tools.  We know how important reporting is for managing a business. Manual data collection and entry introduces errors and wastes time.

Empower Analytics

Qflow integrates with your analytics tools to help ensure you get the maximum value from this data, and can really drive more sustainable and efficient construction.

Streamline Data Capture

Having multiple apps and systems on-site can be a real headache for the construction team. Qflow has integrated with industry logistics tools to further reduce friction on-site and simplify the data capture process. If you have a logistics app on-site, and you’d like to explore how Qflow can work with this to improve your on-site data capture and support quality, cost and sustainability management then speak to one of our team today.

Automate reporting

At Qflow we want to make it as simple as possible to use and get value from your data. We have integrated with widely used industry tools including Smartwaste and Trackerplus. These are used for reporting across a range of sustainability KPIs. 

If you are using a tool for reporting, and you’d like Qflow to integrate with it to streamline your data capture process, then contact our team today. 

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